Saturday, April 07, 2007

Another Tough day saving all of us from squirrels.

First fresh fruit Cabernet Aging

Century Plaza and somehow no security to our room, but i made one of my jounts to another room in underwear at 6 am, 3 beers later they turned down the music.

Palm Springs day after learning century plaza has REAlly HARD FLOORS.

Dallas Pre-Ghost Lounge, Think we were VIP'ed???

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A quick lesson in manners

So I walk into a fast food joint to grab a quick snack while running errends, order and stand off to the side yesterday. When a whole troop of high school kids around 16-18 walk in and scatter all over the room being loud like they tend to be.
Wll i have them tuned out as I ponder the mysteries of the universe and how slow fast food can be when i notice one of the do the old 'hey thanks for holding my spot' scam and jump to the front of a very long line directy in front of a couple of elderly woman.

Well me being me and my extreme dislike of a bully (minus myself of course) overtaking my dislike of the elderly, I of course lean in and actually quietly inform the kid that he was just rude, and cutting in front of old ladies not quite prep school behavior.

Well young and Dumb says "you should mind your own business buddy, your not even in line"
"well that is true" as i watch his cohorts snicker into their school jackets and try really hard not to look spoiled but street tough or something. "Yet still here I am telling you, you need to get to the back of the line."
"I will think about it buddy, hows that?"
"Ok, look scooter, I am sure your the coolest kid amongst these other bad mannered and worse haired lot you came in with, But I Guarantee you have not properly accessed the situation, now quit trying to act tough, get to the back of the line, or i will have to teach you a lesson in manners. Now."

Well scooter in his youthful exuberance looks at all his friends, looks at me, does some quick math, and crosses his arms in defiance.


Enter the police officer quietly eating the corner i made when I walked in, and apparently little mr. privilage had not. Exit all the blood from 14 prep school kids faces.

"WHAT KIDS DID WHAT?!?!?" From the corner as a sargent stands up obviously displeased with his break being disturbed and even more so at kids messing with old woman.
"Thank you young man"
"you are very welcome ladies. Have a nice day scooter, did ya learn anything??"

I exited the building to a police officer asking which one of you brat's think you own the world. I just wish I could have heard the magic fun words of 'do you know who my father is' .......... Cuz that would have been priceless.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Should Spanking Kids Be Illegal?

California is actualluy considering a law prohibiting spanking kids under 4.


wanna get a 2 year olds attention??? pop that ass. want to corrct a 3 year old?? Same answer. And Arnold is actually backing it. Is he really Austrian?? Beating kids is a European invention I thought.

I say beat the little Bastards and go after the parents who do not do it, see how many 9 year old gang members you have now.

Writings #2

I stand at a fork in the road: A salad fork, not a cocktail fork.

A. Do nothing, Stay the path and do as I do, Where I do.

B. Move to L.A. on a wing and a prayer and work much more on what I want to be doing. It is coming along, slower than hoped but still on the move, Except do it from the great La La land.

C. Move elsewhere and accept an offer from an old thing, more money than now (increase enough to make me listen) Except they want me in a different market. So again move. Once for work, once for Love, Once for neccesity, need I do another?? But again more money.................

Ok D, cuz there is always a D. None of the Above. Which is essentialy A. but with more of an SAT feel.

And just too be fair:
E. Move to singapore where apparently the hospitality industry is looking for consultants+ BAD. Have an old friend there giving me the hard sell on that also...... they still cane people there ya know.

required puppy post:

Friday, January 19, 2007

dogs day afternoon

So today I felt the need to bring kickstand out for an afternoon of fun.

Then the sun went down and out comes the hell hound!!!

>And just look at the end result.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Of Luxery..........