Wednesday, June 28, 2006

What is your second favorite feeling?

obviously we all want the loved feeling. so what is your second favorite? Mine is odd, i know shocker. but i love it when i feel dangerous, when something is going or bad people look at you and decide there has to be an easier target. I get this when i am in NY. when in hondurasi had it sometimes. We walked alot and There were not so friendly places, dark areas, deserted streets. And i would look in doorways ect and see the retched, which is alot in C.A., and they looked back and looked another way. i do not know why i like this but i do.

Just now i was walking back from the store, and sitting on the corner is our local domestic abuse fuckhead. this guy has cops over more than dunkin donuts. Well he does not ask, but tells me gimme a cig. I said, uh, no, and try to keep walking. Well this piece of shit puts his grubby hand on my chest. This motherfucker of a some trailor park is looking for their role model fuck touches me. And i get that feeling, i look right in his dead grey eyes, and tell him, you think you can take it??? do.

well apparently this shit is not nic-fitting enough, because i am home and he is on his corner, but the feeling has held, i almost want to go back for another walk.