Thursday, October 12, 2006

First day's

I remeber both of my first days in Texas. First go round I was about 12, all full of my New York, ' I aint taking nothin from no one' self. I walked to the only store I could possibly make the walk too, and crossed what I learned was a bayou. If you do not know a bayou is a riverway of sorts, usually used for storm run off and to keep the city of Houston from drifting off into the Gulf of Mexico. Well I am on this very narrow bridge when some Billy Bob is coming from the other side and i try to make room and he tells me to move. Now no self respecting kid from New York is going to take this so I tell him, 'um, you move, or make room at least.'.

All I recall is a 30' drop, yells of Yankee from above, and some cold water and sharp rocks piercing my skin. Welcome to Texas, I may be 4 years older but I will hit you, U.S.of A.

I pulled myself out and finished the walk to the store to get my school supplies, but I did learn. I learned that sometimes you do have to take a certain amount of shit to get to the other side. We all do wish to just make it to that other side.

My next first day was filled with happy memories of food, phone calls to old friends to let em know I have returned. Not the conquering hero but definitely a return. Pleasant hopes for tommorrow, exhaustion after 2 long days of driving, but an eye on tommorrow. It is always a day away is it not? So I went out with my oldest friend, one I met not long after my sudden drop into sewage and a week long limp. We went out and I had to figure out that the ideal of my return to most was much better than the truth of it. Alot of people here owed me for one thing or another, but myself prescribed code means much more to me than them. A huge troupe showed up, but they were more looking for a reason to get crazy for a night than happy to see me. Now I did not expect a parade, not by any means, a little ticker tape would be nice though. Since then those I thought I could count on, I can. To want to get nuts for a night, not pull things that I broke back together like some mother goose eggman. Those who wanted me back, have no time to actually enjoy the reality of it. Sometimes something means much more to you than i does to others.

So I guess I have learned, sometimes how you see things may not be completely correct, but I still want to make it to the other side of this damn bridge. So, 'Excuse me kind sir, do please walk on by' I have things I need to pick up, not fall on.


At 2:06 PM, Blogger thephoenixnyc said...

And now you are on the path to another "first day in town."

And you have learned when to make way and when to stand your ground. Excellent.

At 1:27 AM, Blogger Liar_Liar said...

Most things are give and take Phoenix. But you always stand your ground, just sometimes doing so can hurt. The solution is being prepared for said pain.

At 8:05 AM, Blogger Le Will said...

Houston sounds like a tough town... I've spent countless hours being stuck in a storm at G Bush airport but still haven't seen the city, this doesn't entice me to go there!

Thanks for the comments on my blog, we are all comment whores really. :)


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