Thursday, November 23, 2006

3 down, 3 to go.

Still sliding though the holiday season doing my best to pretend they are not really here. Yup, seasonal unhappy is in full swing this year. I do not know why, but this year I am kinda OK with em, maybe because I had a year off from them last year, maybe because I have more than enough else to do I can ignore it for the most part.

Maybe its because we are having fun days In the courtyard where someone met another chi today, missed that photo op since the second she saw a dog smaller than her, she went up the stairs as fasts as a tripod can do em (actually she handles stairs quite well.)

Also proud as hell of this three legged pup.
She is back to crate life when I leave for work, mostly because she can JUMP ON A COUNTER?!?!? No lie, someone decided she deserved a loaf of bread and half the box of dog buiscuts tuesday night. So she went up there and got em..... washed em down with the tub sponge to boot, seperation anxiety............ Guess we all get it, and make bad choices when we have it. Still learning from a 3-legged dog.

Todays side note: Wine tasting during transfer showed a sweeter wine than hoped for, we have 6 more weeks of in canister fermenting to go so hopefully the yeast will suck down more of the sugars and add lovely alchol content. Looked at a 6 gallon set up so maybe thats what I will give myself for chistmas, thinking a cab/shiraz for attempt #2, that offers a 30 bottle yeild which I will self label if I do and send around, still months off so keep your addresses for now, Cuz we all know your all dying to sample some of my bad wines (ok no idea if bad yet or not, but it is your crap shoot if you volunteer).

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Learning some trust.......

Ok so we are hanging out when I am not working (both hours a day) and For some reason yesterday I decided the little tripod needs some trust. I mean really, she is borderline defenseless, guessing maybe she should be much more scared than I am on any topic. So I allowed her to stay free (no crate) while I was at work.

End result? one shredded paper towel from the trash. (Anyone can suggest a toy to replace that do please speak up)And an accident which from a chi, *yawn*

So I took her for our tri+ daily walk and brought her back, well where I live its gated, with courtyards, and a gazebo. So I bring her into that area and a party is going on downstairs and around the corner and all these people are in the gazebo. Well they did offer the beer and after my day?? why not? So We hang out when my friend JT with his boxer (see earlier post for photo)and Lefty got all kinds of excited this time, no growl, no tried to get off leash. So instead, I took her off leash and let those two go play.

She bit the boxers upper lip, stole a stick, hid in a bush........ had a great time for a dog. Eventually even hopped in my lap to make sure I was OK listening to JT re-count a 700.00 night (bartender). So our new thing 2x a day, I sit in the gazebo and let her roam. Every 5 minutes or so I call her and she comes right back, gives kisses and runs off to play again.

I think we are a week or so from the dog park..... watch out world, Gimpy is coming outta her shell.

Tonights post brought to you by Oxford vineyards.... the cab shiraz blend is actually quite good at a whole sale of 3.76, Color me shocked.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Adventures in Management

Ok so I am gonna keep up with fun work stories, since i am the 'wine manager' which only means really i can not get saturday nights off since I have to count the wine, alot of these will seem to have wine involved, since with the title the staff runs to me with every wine issue. So, last night a waiter comes up to me and tells me we are out of a wine this woman ordered and would i speak with her, sure..... dammit.....

"Good evening I understand you wanted the valley of the moon syrah tonight, and I have to apologize but it appears as though we have sold the last bottle already this evening. I do apologize for the incovienence but I am sure we can find a suitable replacement on the menu."
*Woman reads it like its god's words on how she should be living her life*
"No, I will just have water."
"Are you certain maam? We have many comparable in the same price range, I am sure we can find one to your liking, I am willing to even offer the comparables if more expensive at the Valley price, just my way of apologizing for the product being out of stock."
"Nope, I just want water."
"Maam, even jesus went water to wine, noone goes wine to water."
30 seconds of shock later
"Give me the wine menu, I will take that one....."

Fun number 2, I realized most of our chef's are ...well.... Big guys, so I decided last night we need to start an internation chef sumo competition. By the end of the night it became more like the WWF just because
A. the idea of them in a diaper, though funny.... repulsive.
B. There was alot more time consumed thinking up costumes and special moves for the chefs, our executive chef gets to be 'big' John Baker, with his special move being the 'schucker' and would involve pulling his opponents head backward by the upper jaw.... The latin Chef loved being the mexican wrestler with the cape and mask so long as i kept his signature saying 'And I will break you over my knee... lika dis'
c. In a wwf type setting i get to be the manager who jumps in the ring and hits someone with a chair only to get beat up for my effort...

just think of it.... 'Off the top rope he hits him with.......... a spatula. Fun stuff.

The Corporate chef was in and thinks i should write it a screen play..... Chef's lose their annual bonus due to something out of their control, so become wrestlers to make up money they had already spent......... Anyone know how to write a screen play??

P.S. we had doggie day so far, someone discovered she loves the car, petco, and patio's that allow dogs with waitresses who sneak her french fries and Salmon scraps......

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Long road Ahead

Gonna be a long road ahead, yes my three legged chihuahua is a bit skiddish. Today we went for one of our walks (hops) and the boxer photo'ed earlier came running up, now this is a sweetheart of a pooch and all she was doin was saying hi, and too her credit, even as lefty went ghetto on her just wanted to make friends. Well lefty got off her leash with a weird series of twists and ran.

I caught up to her across the street (spooked since noway a car would see her) and had to calm her down and coax her back to me. She did but was weirded out.

Another oddity, she really wants to walk and sniff the ground while walking but can not, since minus a paw its more like dragging her face on the ground. Along with her being very ( I know it sounds weird) shy when her hollow shoulder is exposed around strangers. Bandana the agency had bought her today on she is much more lively, without it she is almost timid. It is odd seeing a dog be aware, Odd seeing a dog that has been humbled like a beauty queen with burns from a car crash.

I guess all of us get like this when we realize we are exposed, human or dog.

Tommorrow we start working on fun games like 'shake the imaginary paw' for now she is fine with the follows me everywhere and jumps into my hands when she runs up to me when I come home, whoz ma gurl??? Also, she will neither eat or drink unless I am right there in the kitchen while she does so, this could be a long term issue if we can not get past this. Instability does weird things to things, and a prideful, champion potential removed, can not be adopted, foster homed for 6 months dog, I guess that has to do something, even to a dog. Well she is home now, I do not believe in disposable pets, losing 2 in a year has definitely reinforced that for me, you love it, and no matter what, you love it, take care of it.

And who would not want to protect this??
I still need a doberman puppy to keep her company/protect her...... though seeing her nip at a dog 5x her size without fear was a refreshing sight. Helps with my 'protect my own and fuck the rest' belief.

Yes there will be dog posts coming, hell Gringa gets to post on chickens and eggs. Been years since I have had one, and this one is special, leg or no leg.....

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Pretty girl

Welcome the newest member of the liar_Liar klan....... Anne Marie AKA:DNB.

Anne Marie is a full blooded Chihuahua, 3 years old and possibly the sweetest dog ever. She became my birthday present to me today, after an extremely long time debating with the people at CAP over whether I am ready for a pet or not.

Do I look ready???

After walking 15 dogs and saying 'ok how bout this one??' "Ok sir, oh wait, this one is a female adopter only" "A friggin what? Ok than how bout that one?" "Ok sir lets see here.... Alergic to cotton, do you have any cotton in your home??"

And so on and so on, I still say adopting a child would be easier except kids do not lick your chin to say they are happy and if they do, well you got a bad one there....

So anyway after all this I met this little critter, and if you met her, you would have snatcher her right up too. See Anne Marie was hurt as a young dog,which had to be a disappointment to the original owners since she is apparently of champion stock, and had to cost a fortune, but apparently the original owners had some monster of a kid who had jealousy issues, with the dog, so the bastard shattered her right fore leg to the point it had to be removed. his Loss cuz now I get to hang out with my new little buddy, my 3 legged chihuahua, I think i will call her Lefty.

Friday, November 10, 2006

A week in review

In the life of a restaurant manager:

As pointed out for a long time I was living in a manner where the strangeness of things sometimes did not jive with what I have always considered normal, I.e. people tried to be nice all the time, friggin weirdo's I know. So I think we need to add to the blog an occassional week in review, now that i get to actually say something without the whole place gasping for air when I do again.

1. Standing at the bar chatting about how much my bartender lost on all these college teams who can not seem to cover a spread when these creepy aussie walks up: 'ummm, you look to be a man about town here, where would a gentleman like me find a ummm, well, ahhhh, lady companionship??'
"Sir, are you asking me if I know where you can find a hooker?"
"no no no no no no no, well, you know mate, just a friend for the evening"
"Well, last I checked they were sorta mobile but I am willing to bet you could order one to come meet you online."
"I know that, but I prefer not to do something like that"
"why? its almost like ordering an orgasm from a sears catalog"
"Look, I just want directions, know anywhere??"
"No, but I could guess, try the all nude bar, Willing to bet the naked chicks are always looking for side jobs. there is one on this street, maybe 3-4 miles from here, i can call you a cab"
"Thanks mate, here's for your trouble"
hands me 3 dollars. 3.
"LOL, sir, if thats how you tip..... You might wanna try crack row."

2. Man and 'woman' sit at a table and they start exploring the wine list, she wants far niete, 250.00 a bottle. He wants williamette, 57.95 a bottle, and they back and forth, see where the issue lies?? So finally he says, 'GOD, I need to use the restroom, order something decent" meaning reasonably priced I bet. So she orders a bottle of 01 Opus One, 285.00 a bottle. the server brings it, the man see's it just as the cork pops, and looks, shall we say, unhappy at the hookers order (yes she was a hooker, and apparently one who planned on a full nights pay in some form or another).
"Cough, Cough, i think the bottle has turned.... that stuff is terrible."
Server freaks and grabs me, aw shucks.
"Sir" post tasting" the Wine is perfect, its the perfect temperature, it has a crisp finish, please what is the problem with the wine?"
"Maybe its just not my taste, it had a funny taste to me, almost rubbery" (Are you INSANE???)
"Ok sir, maybe we could find you something more to your liking, what would you care for?"
An order of J Lohr later (52.50 a bottle) he is drinking his swill happy as pie. Well now I have an uncorked bottle of 01 Opus one, thats been in our cellar for over a year so it is unreturnable, comp'ed so the store gets 50% credit for it, and one very annoyed Hooker on my patio. Whats a restaurant manager to do?? Nothing, Its 1 a.m., I am off, and the Opus one is Friggin awesome.

You did not believe for a second I was throwing that away did you??

Thursday, November 09, 2006

And we move into stage 2

Fermentation. My first gallon of wine!!!

I know how exciting is that?? not very, but heck, I said I want to learn how to do this and damn it I am.

I had to syphon the fluid from the fermentation container 1 (a bucket, nothin but the best round here folks) to the air tight fermentation. The funny thing on top is half filled with water so no air can get in but the CO2 can escape. Apparently Air is now my enemy in the process. It must spend 3 weeks sitting like this, and then either be moved into a secondary container like this or back and forth between the bucket and here. This removes the dead and bloated (drunk) yeast from the batch and will slowly start to become clearer and less cloudy.

Also I had to top off the mix since I do not want the very bottom portion of the mix, since thats where the heavy sediment lays so we have topped off with Rombauer Zinfendel grown in the shadows of mount St Helena, thats right, we have tossed a worship to the volcano gods into the mix. Thank you Wine reps, keep the supply coming :)


Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Dolphin may have 'remains' of legs

Actually they found one with them 'developed'.

Guess the idea they might be trying to come back ashore has not occurred to a 'scientist'.


Monday, November 06, 2006

Things i do:

I get anxious. Do you not? how do you react? I react by getting more anxious. the cause explodes if not put out. The topic becomes huge, If I get anxious the cause is usually outside my realm of control, and not having any control becomes a monster issue in my head. Something to work on, though not 100% certain how too.

I get mad. Not like just mad, but like looking or a vent, do not dare get in my path mad. Rabid dog mad. I wanna eat children, go after the family, find something else to hurt mad. Could do anything to almost anyone mad. Bad part is i actually do not wish to harm others, so it boils and brews and bubbles inside. Something to work on, though not 100% certain how too.

I get scared. Not much really scares me, I have no fear of dying, dared death too many times. Have no fear of pain, thats a normal day for me. Snakes, (but still took one on fucker), spiders, (still looking for one worthy of my assault), and one other thing. The one I seem unable to conquer. Something to work on, though not 100% certain how too.

Love my intraspects, now if they would just love back.

A happy day, possibly one of the happiest. Pics seem to be the blog du jour.

FYI: the wine is fermenting well as near as i can tell (should have used clear wrap.). Sounds like a new bottle of pepsi just opened. 3 days til i get a chance to see the color of my frankenstein-ish concoction. My next batch will be brewed with 1/8th the water as Coffee. Since I have no control on the soil used (gives wines alot of its subtle flavors) I will have to *force* my will on it. Batch 2 will be coffee foward.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

And we now have a hobby

Not quite the way I originally planned on learning how to do this. I really wanted to see if I could grow the grapes myself and raise it from the beginning to the end but heck, we all gotta learn things somehow. So for now its kitchen sink version and small batches (doing a 1 gallon to start).

Has a potential to be a 13.9% by volume, which is apparently lofty for a first timer like me (per the hippy in the wine shop)As is doing a first wine from grapes not concentrate (will try one of those too, just to see) but hey, aim high or do not shoot.

Today I made a 1 gallon batch of Zin. It will spend 10 days fermenting in the bucket before I have to move it through a syphon into the glass jug next to it. Then its a 3 month process of moving it back and forth to remove sediment. But 4 months or so from now I will get 5 bottles of my own Zin from this. Once I clear the bucket i am thinking of trying a pinot/merlot blend, not like its too time consuming minus squishing grapes.

This is going to be a good lesson for me. Its really hard for me to be patient with things. I am one of those, decide, do, types. Once I make the decision then let's get on with it. Well this requires ALOT of patience. And believe you me, I wanna bottle the stuff now and get to the sampling, but it has to sit, it has to ferment, it has to mature. Guess I am more a batch of wine, not a bottle. The yeast tickles. The sitting and fermenting kills. But heck, you gotta age it, otherwise there would be no vintage wines out there. Still wish I had at least a sip of the 96 silver oak, my previous piece of patience and waiting.

Chateau C&C hate factory is now up and running.

Pass the cheese, who needs a re-fill