Friday, November 17, 2006

Adventures in Management

Ok so I am gonna keep up with fun work stories, since i am the 'wine manager' which only means really i can not get saturday nights off since I have to count the wine, alot of these will seem to have wine involved, since with the title the staff runs to me with every wine issue. So, last night a waiter comes up to me and tells me we are out of a wine this woman ordered and would i speak with her, sure..... dammit.....

"Good evening I understand you wanted the valley of the moon syrah tonight, and I have to apologize but it appears as though we have sold the last bottle already this evening. I do apologize for the incovienence but I am sure we can find a suitable replacement on the menu."
*Woman reads it like its god's words on how she should be living her life*
"No, I will just have water."
"Are you certain maam? We have many comparable in the same price range, I am sure we can find one to your liking, I am willing to even offer the comparables if more expensive at the Valley price, just my way of apologizing for the product being out of stock."
"Nope, I just want water."
"Maam, even jesus went water to wine, noone goes wine to water."
30 seconds of shock later
"Give me the wine menu, I will take that one....."

Fun number 2, I realized most of our chef's are ...well.... Big guys, so I decided last night we need to start an internation chef sumo competition. By the end of the night it became more like the WWF just because
A. the idea of them in a diaper, though funny.... repulsive.
B. There was alot more time consumed thinking up costumes and special moves for the chefs, our executive chef gets to be 'big' John Baker, with his special move being the 'schucker' and would involve pulling his opponents head backward by the upper jaw.... The latin Chef loved being the mexican wrestler with the cape and mask so long as i kept his signature saying 'And I will break you over my knee... lika dis'
c. In a wwf type setting i get to be the manager who jumps in the ring and hits someone with a chair only to get beat up for my effort...

just think of it.... 'Off the top rope he hits him with.......... a spatula. Fun stuff.

The Corporate chef was in and thinks i should write it a screen play..... Chef's lose their annual bonus due to something out of their control, so become wrestlers to make up money they had already spent......... Anyone know how to write a screen play??

P.S. we had doggie day so far, someone discovered she loves the car, petco, and patio's that allow dogs with waitresses who sneak her french fries and Salmon scraps......


At 8:27 PM, Blogger It's me LD said...

When you make it biblical and all, how can she help but go for the wine? Nice work, manager.


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