Thursday, November 09, 2006

And we move into stage 2

Fermentation. My first gallon of wine!!!

I know how exciting is that?? not very, but heck, I said I want to learn how to do this and damn it I am.

I had to syphon the fluid from the fermentation container 1 (a bucket, nothin but the best round here folks) to the air tight fermentation. The funny thing on top is half filled with water so no air can get in but the CO2 can escape. Apparently Air is now my enemy in the process. It must spend 3 weeks sitting like this, and then either be moved into a secondary container like this or back and forth between the bucket and here. This removes the dead and bloated (drunk) yeast from the batch and will slowly start to become clearer and less cloudy.

Also I had to top off the mix since I do not want the very bottom portion of the mix, since thats where the heavy sediment lays so we have topped off with Rombauer Zinfendel grown in the shadows of mount St Helena, thats right, we have tossed a worship to the volcano gods into the mix. Thank you Wine reps, keep the supply coming :)



At 6:20 AM, Blogger Beelzebabe said...

Good luck on the vino. I could never have the patience to make my own, I get impatient just driving to the liquor store.


At 6:28 PM, Blogger rita said...

this makes me want to make my own wine


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