Thursday, November 16, 2006

Long road Ahead

Gonna be a long road ahead, yes my three legged chihuahua is a bit skiddish. Today we went for one of our walks (hops) and the boxer photo'ed earlier came running up, now this is a sweetheart of a pooch and all she was doin was saying hi, and too her credit, even as lefty went ghetto on her just wanted to make friends. Well lefty got off her leash with a weird series of twists and ran.

I caught up to her across the street (spooked since noway a car would see her) and had to calm her down and coax her back to me. She did but was weirded out.

Another oddity, she really wants to walk and sniff the ground while walking but can not, since minus a paw its more like dragging her face on the ground. Along with her being very ( I know it sounds weird) shy when her hollow shoulder is exposed around strangers. Bandana the agency had bought her today on she is much more lively, without it she is almost timid. It is odd seeing a dog be aware, Odd seeing a dog that has been humbled like a beauty queen with burns from a car crash.

I guess all of us get like this when we realize we are exposed, human or dog.

Tommorrow we start working on fun games like 'shake the imaginary paw' for now she is fine with the follows me everywhere and jumps into my hands when she runs up to me when I come home, whoz ma gurl??? Also, she will neither eat or drink unless I am right there in the kitchen while she does so, this could be a long term issue if we can not get past this. Instability does weird things to things, and a prideful, champion potential removed, can not be adopted, foster homed for 6 months dog, I guess that has to do something, even to a dog. Well she is home now, I do not believe in disposable pets, losing 2 in a year has definitely reinforced that for me, you love it, and no matter what, you love it, take care of it.

And who would not want to protect this??
I still need a doberman puppy to keep her company/protect her...... though seeing her nip at a dog 5x her size without fear was a refreshing sight. Helps with my 'protect my own and fuck the rest' belief.

Yes there will be dog posts coming, hell Gringa gets to post on chickens and eggs. Been years since I have had one, and this one is special, leg or no leg.....


At 7:31 PM, Blogger La Gringa said...

I'm so happy for you!

She's adorable and looks mighty comfy laying on your bed. Don't worry about the not eating when you aren't there. She'll get used to being there and start eating when you are gone or she'll just wait until you get home. Eating once a day isn't a bad thing for a dog, especially as little as chis eat.

They can slip out of those collars like Houdini. Some people use the harness type collar and that might be a good idea if you are going to walk her near traffic.

I've seen shows on Animal Planet where 3 legged dogs can do just about anything a 4 legged dog can do. You are a great person for adopting her.

A suggestion: Give her two or three months before you get a doberman pup. That way she will be secure in her status as queen of the house and she'll whip that doberman into shape in no time.

That kid must have been a monster. I'd like to break his leg.

At 10:00 PM, Blogger Liar_Liar said...

I am in no hurry for the doberman, I need her to get comfortable for sure, she has taken to me since when strangers approach she jumps right to me.

I did not adopt her because of the three legs and was apprehensive about it at first. I adopted her because she jumped right in my lap and licked my chin. She did not bark in the kennel while every other dog was. And because I liked her, even when the volunteer was holding her and I could not see the missing leg.

The rest of the story and the fact she was there 6 months, since the leg scared most people, came later, after I asked about the process and the medical history.


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