Thursday, January 04, 2007

06: a work in progress.

Rather than re-live this past year, let me summerize what i learned the hardest way imaginable, and it was post the year i learned it that I actually learned it.

Spent new years and the ensueing days going absolutely ape shit. got out of my little cave, went somewhere fun, saw some crazy stuff and led the way. Broke my partners nose, was an accident but i was the catalyst, went crazy that night with someone i know, but had never met, was removed from every restaurant/bar in the desert the following day. Went to bed at 8 am on the 3rd, was at work at noon, worked 10 hours basically alone, and was exhausted the whole time.

Well the lesson was at 8:30. I was out back smoking with 3 employee's and 2 chef's when we witnessed a car accident. Not a minor fender bender, but a freeway feeder, red light run, broadside.

" holy shit" someone said, though I honestly could not guess who.

"that was fucking wild" Again, anonomous.

All I saw was a woman get out of the van that ran the red light with a baby in her arms. I could clearly hear the woman screaming, cursing out the other car, cursing just to curse. What I could not hear, was a baby.......... nothing.

I dropped my cigarette and had 911 dialed as I sprinted through shin deep freezing water in a suit getting to her while screaming at 911 to get there, police and ambulance and hurry.

Got to the woman and found her suffocating the child into herself in her state of shock. Calmed her, got her to relax her grip, reminded her she could hurt the child... until i heard crying, in truth, maybe 45 seconds from the start of the running, felt like a week.

went car to car checking on the passangers, total, one dislocated shoulder, one broken nose from an air bag, along with powder burns, numerous minor cuts and bruises, and one thing I forgot, or maybe never knew: I can be fun, I can have fun, and still be responsible, still be reliable. still be the person you wanted close if you need someone,




Everyone else went inside after their smoke, I left just before the police arrived, but after the ambulance. Lesson learned. Happy new year.........


At 9:10 AM, Blogger thephoenixnyc said...

Wow, what an amazing story. I'm sorry you only learned this about yourself this year.

I learned it about you last November when we were at that bar in Ft. Lauderdale, having a good time and you ran out into the street to help that guy that beat up on the street.

Happy New Year and Happy New Self-Awareness pooky.

At 6:11 PM, Blogger rita said...

wow. that's one hell of a lesson. and one hell of a story too.

go you, man.


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